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The best storage solution is what can fulfill your storage needs and that too with genuine responsibility. If you want to witness such a service, never look beyond Revesby Storage units. They have been there for a long time and Revesby are pioneers in storage solutions. They offer a wide variety of storage facilities ranging from lockers to large size units that can accommodate the items of both large and small sized home. Let us take a peek at the salient features of their operation:

Revesby mobile Storage:

  1. They have removalists who are proven experts in the job.
  2. They would travel to any length and breadth and take stock of what has to be moved
  3. The experts would then prepare a detailed report on the items and the present condition it is found in.
  4. The action begins with expert packing, labeling, loading, and delivering it to their storage facility.
  5. The items are then offloaded into a mobile storage unit, which is very safe and secure too.
  6. Revesby Storage units are ready to further service you by adding more items to your storage unit.
  7. They also deliver part or in full the items to the address given by you.
  8. There are no geographical boundaries. Be it overseas or interstate- Revesby Storage units does it all in the most professional manner possible.

The Revesby Storage House:

  • The containers in the Storage house are made of reinforced steel.
  • The packed items are neatly arranged in a manner to avoid double handling in case a particular item has to be redelivered.
  • The storage units are heavily secured by 24 /7 CCTV camera and vigilant security officers.
  • Records are maintained consistently to keep you updated on the movement of your items when re-delivered or any additions to it.
  • As a customer, you would have access to your storage unit, and you can visit the unit after an appointment earlier agreed to.
  • Even a vehicle that is not in use and occupying valuable space around your residence can be parked at the Revesby warehouse.
  • The storage units and the warehouse area are kept free of any vermin and germination. The floors and the ceiling are all cleaned regularly.

Revesby Storage unit costs:

There is s cost factor associated with any business, but the Revesby mobile storage costs are unbelievably low.

  • They offer discounts from 35 % to 50 %, which no storage unit would ever dare offer.
  • The containers space where the items are stacked also bear a cost. This ‘ Space ‘ cost is also the lowest
  • Generally, any storage company would deliver the POD or container as the case may be to the front door and pick it up once the client has finished loading it himself. Revesby mobile storage packs and load the container themselves as they wish to relieve the client of this pressure. The cost associated with this is also kept low.
  • The driver who drives the truck shift your items to the storage unit comes free as is the truck.
  • The trolleys that move your articles are also free of any charges.


Experience matters. The Revesby Storage units have been functional for many years now, and they pass on the savings in cost to their clients. That is the reason why clients come back to them. Moreover, record maintenance and information along with sincere responsibility are tip features that you can avail only with the Revesby Storage units.


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