Beverly Hills Mobile Storage – Storage Costs


In Beverly Hills is one of the few places in the World, where homes are built in a glamorous way and are large. Beverly Hills mobile storage have their roots established in Beverly Hills since 1998 and provides essential storage unit services to the residents.

Found below are their list of such services:

1.Services provided by Beverly Hills mobile storage :

  1. Doorstep services:

Beverly Hills’ portable storage delivers the storage unit right to the doorstep of the client. The client has an option to pack it himself or request the company to do it for them and load the mobile storage unit.

  1. Cost Factor:

Beverly Hills is probably the most expensive place to live in, but our storage unit does not take advantage of this and charge them more. They keep the storage costs to the client at the minimum and is lower than the usual self- storage units.

  1. Post Packing:

The mobile storage unit returns to the warehouse once the items are packed and stored, and the items would be dispatched to the address you give, and on the date you specify.

Benefits of Beverly Hills Mobile storage:

  • It rules out the client loading the items in a hired truck to engage a truck and drive to deposit them in the storage facility. This is a huge saving in costs.
  • The mobile storage unit is safe and secure when parked outside your house.
  • The client is never under pressure to finish loading the mobile unit in a hurry, and he can take several days to do it.
  • The mobile storage units come in two sizes; 5 ft X 8FT X 7 FT and 8ftX8FtX7FT. It’s a welcome choice for the client as he can plan his storage.
  • Beverly Hills Mobile storage can deliver three empty storage vaults to your doorstep. This is the maximum that can be done.
  • Storage unit delivery and Pick up services, can be done on the same day once it is loaded
  • In the case of the mobile storage units have empty spaces after the loading is completed, there is s provision for tie-down every 4 feet.

Beverly Hills storage costs:

The Beverly storage costs come in three slabs, which are Small, Medium, and Large. The cost details are as found below:


Beverly Hills is a place where a large number of residents are Who’s Who! Despite the wealth they possess. The Beverly Hills Mobile Storage units keep the prices reasonable. The Storage cost table also reflects this.

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